friend is a project in development to be realised in 2020-21.

friend is a dance to be performed by non-professional performers in their homes for audiences of their friends. It is a distinct choreography, a particular one, a purposeful and delicate one, a dance which could only ever be offered in the context of a friendship. The performance builds on the intimacies and difficulties of friendship, celebrating and questioning the importance of friendship through an unusual set of invitations between choreographer, performer and audience.

Working with organisations, performers will be approached to take part in a series of group and one-on-one workshops which will allow them to find their own version of the choreography. As part of this process, they will identify and invite a number of friends who will be asked to come to the performance in the performer’s home. There is no ticket price; instead, the audience members will be asked to bring a dish to share. After the performance, over the meal, the choreographer and performer will host a discussion about dance, friendship and their shared potentials.


Supported by Arts Council England through Project Grants as well as residency, financial, and producing support from Dance4 and Yorkshire Dance.

Choreographer  Gillie Kleiman
Filmmaker  Sara Lindström
Producers  Beckie Darlington and Tanya Steinhauser for Yorkshire Dance