‘There cannot be just one companion species; there have to be at least two to make one. It is in the syntax; it is in the flesh.’

Donna Haraway, The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People and Significant Otherness

Familiar is a twinset of performances on significant otherness. One authored by Kleiman and performed by Wohead, the other authored by Wohead and performed by Kleiman, the two are twisted together with the help of story, song and spit.

Springboarding from a question of companionship, Kleiman and Wohead reach for something altogether more mysterious: a shaggy dog story danced by Twin Peaks’ legendary Log Lady, speaking from the beyond to enable the pair to become others of significance then and there in the theatre.

Set amongst an original design by celebrated artist Tim Spooner, the works in Familiar play out what it means to be companions, where we think we know everything about each other whilst facing the fact that we can’t.

Commissioned by Dance City and Fierce Festival. Supported by ARC Stockton, Wainsgate Chapel, Shoreditch Town Hall, Northern Stage, Northumbria University and Roehampton University.

Concept, direction, choreography, performance  Gillie Kleiman and Greg Wohead
Design  Tim Spooner
Lighting Design  Nao Nagai
Original Music  Sammy Metcalfe
Producer  Beckie Darlington
Outside Eye  Wendy Houstoun
Production Manager  Simon Henderson

17-19 October 2019 - Birmingham Repertory Theatre as part of Fierce Festival
12 March 2020 - Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne

Familiar can be made available for touring. Promoters should contact Beckie Darlington.

Familiar featured as part of a five-star review of Fierce Festival.