The Democratic Dance Team


I like to write to Members of Parliament. I like to write to them because through this I exercise my democratic muscle, muscle that can sometimes get wasted away despairing and complaining about the things that are happening around me. I like to write to them because it reminds me, and them, that elected persons are responsible to the people who live here and not the other way around.

This is a kind of dance, a choreography that re-routes powers with new actions. It’s a movement in and of itself, and it produces new waves of motion. It’s a dance that I could try alone, but that I’d rather do with others. You are invited to join me. I will be waiting, ready to talk about what is important to us, and ready to make moves by writing to those who might be choreographing our worlds in ways we want to rethink.


Public House at Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, London, July 2012

The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton, January 2013

//BUZZCUT//, Glasgow, March 2013

GIFT, Gateshead, May 2013

Steakhouse Live at Holloway Arts Festival, June 2014


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